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Hygromatik Steam Generator Spares

Hygromatik Steam Generator Spares Online

CY 17 Hygromatik Cylinder DN40

Steam Cylinder B2204103 DN40 CY17 DN40/DN12 complete For Hy2,C17,DBE17,DB10-17 incl 3 electrodes,

Hygromatik  C17-22 DN40 O-ring Set

O-ring for C17-22 DN40 Contains: 1 x O-ring for adaptor,1 x O-ring For Cylinder Base,1 x O-ring for cylinder flange adaptor, 3 x flange clamps,1xo-ring for sensor,3xO-ring for electrode.

Hygromatik Blow-Down pump

B-2404027  All units blow-down Pump 200-240v050-60Hz

Hygromatik cylinder base

Cylinder base For C17-C58,HY2HY7 DN40/25/12

Hygromatik  Steam Hose

Steam hose DN 40 1 m Material: butyl rubber

Hygromatik Drain Hose

Drain hose 1 1/4″ for water 1 m, drain collector, from 01/05 on, only for vertical installation Material:

Hygromatik Steam Generator Spares

Hygomatik Temperature Sensor

temperature Sensor TF 104 6M 1 pc (NTC) for DS, incl. 6m cable and holder for sensor DS, BDS, CDS, CPDS

Hygromatik Connecting Cable

Connecting cable f. electrodes 1 set with plug-in contact C17, HY13, HY17, 25A/2,5mm²,standard, 3 pcs.

Hygomatik electrode sensor cable

Cable sensor electrode 1 pc C06-C30 / HY05-23, 630 mm DBI