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Steam Room Generators


Steam generators are the key element for steam baths, sauna areas and relaxation rooms in spa and wellness facilities. Providing relative air humidity of up to 100%, steam generators create the ideal humidity and temperature conditions for a relaxing and pleasant spa experience, while helping to improve the user’s well-being.

Hygromatik  Steam Room Generators

Hygromatik Compactline

proportional or on/off control automatic system test . 5 LED‘s to indicate important operation information 2 potential free remote signals stand-by blow-down and stand-by heating integrated interface RS 485 optional relay circuit board for 4 additional potential free remote signals change-over to process humidification.
CompactLine-Comfort includes additionally integrated PI control
back-lit LC display 4 function keys for easy operation and programming change-over to process humidification via menu

Hygromatik Hyline 

The mode of operation of all electrode steam humidifiers is based on the fact that water contains minerals and is therefore conductive. “normal” tap water is ideal. but what is “normal” tap water exactly? Users of HygroMatik units in the most diverse areas consider their tap water “normal.” HygroMatik typically defines “normal” as feed water with a conductivity between 200 and 500 µS/ cm (microSiemens per centimeter) at 15° C.
Some areas, however, are supplied with tap water whose quality is outside the parameters specified by HygroMatik. If the HygroMatik steam humidifier’s control is not adjusted correctly in these areas, the unit cannot perform optimally. For example, the electrodes could wear out particularly
quickly or the steam production could be too low.The operational parameters set by HygroMatik in the factory are intended for normal tap water. 


Hygromatik HeaterLine 

FUNCTION DESCRIPTION The HeaterLine series provides your spa with extremely durable units, which can withstand continuous loading. The cabinet and cylinder are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The HeaterLine is available in 9 unit sizes with maximum steam outputs of 6 to 45 kg/h. It can be operated with completely demineralized, partially softened water or tap water.
6 – 45 kg/h steam performance
Stainless steel cylinder
Heating elements in cylinder
Solenoid valve for the filling
Drain pump for the emptying
Controller Comfort Basic or Comfort DS
Components installed in stainless steel housing

Hygromatik HeaterCompact

The HeaterCompact offers compact unit measurements together with
optimum component accessibility – saving space and time during installation
and service.With a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housing the HeaterCompact can be operated with completely deionised water, softened water or tap water. This permits flexible planning and installation – at a particularly attractive price-performance ratio.
Precise control Thanks to its highly developed microprocessor controls, the HygroMatik HeaterCompact offers quick control responses and high control accuracy up to +/- 1%. The intelligent controller self adjusts to match the particular application and water quality. The HeaterCompact can be controlled proportionally in the range 5 – 100% of the respective nominal power, which makes it particularly efficient even at very low power requirements. 


The heater steam generator HeaterSlim has an appropriate design, is slim in size and comes with output of 3.3, 6.6 or 10 kg/h, making it particularly suitable for private and suite spas.Excellent access to components saves time in installation and maintenance.The units can operate using fully desalinated, softened or mains water.Where fully desalinated water is used, the unit is practically maintenance free. The devices are environmentally-friendly, efficient, hygienic, safe and specially designed to promote health and well-being.
The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE and EAC.
HeaterSlim is available in three versions:
  • Touch Remote – with an external remote control and docking station, also suitable for wall installation
  • Touch – with an user interface integrated in the device
  • Basic – with closed cover, no touch operation