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Hygromatik Double Selenoid Valf

Hygromatik Double Selenoid Valf

Hygromatik Double Selenoid Valf

Art.No : (B-2304061)

HY1 / C10 / HC için 2,5l / dak 5 bar 230V çift selenoid vana.


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Motherboard Control

Hygromatik Double Solenoid Valve B-2304061 2,5l / min 5 bar 230V double solenoid valve for HY1 / C10 / HC. Solenoid valves for water supply to the steam cylinder(s) are labeled Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4. Circuit diagrams. Relays for controlling the main contactor, solenoid valve and blowdown pump are directly on the motherboard. Solenoid valves have a service life due to limited wear and tear. However, it must be checked during maintenance work and replaced if necessary. In particular, you can set alerts for related items to avoid unscheduled maintenance requirements. When open, it produces an additional solenoid valve as well as a rotating turbulence for better evacuation of limescale deposits during blowing. The solenoid valve has a fixed active and pause times by software.

“Flushing_of_dead-end line_interval” parameter

When this function is activated, the feed water line is washed during the operating phases where there is no water inlet. requests to prevent germ formation. For this purpose, the inlet solenoid valve and the blowdown pump are activated simultaneously. It determines how long the wash will take.

Partial blow-down Only some of the cylinder water will be pumped during blow-down. After a partial 40 solenoid valve duty cycles (filling) for the ELDB, the standard setting is left untouched. For HKDB, frequency of partial blowdown, steam volume.

Hygromatik Double Solenoid Valve Installation Place the solenoid valve in the sealed unit housing. Screw on the water supply hose. » Connect the power cable to the solenoid valve. Attach the HyFlow with the screw. » Attach the connection hose to the base. And tighten. Install the steam cylinder. » Open the water tap. » Start the unit and check for leaks during operation.