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Hygromatik Flexline Electrode System

Hygromatik Flexline Electrode System

Hygromatik Flexline Electrode System


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Hygromatik Flexline Elektrode

Hygromatik Flexline Electrode Ready-to-connect compact steam humidifier for fully automatic and intrinsically safe generation of mineral-free,
odourless and sterile steam for air-conditioning and production technology applications. Steam output 5 – 130 kg/h
per individual device. Installation and maintenance friendly design, for wall mounting. Completely stainless steel
cabinet for optimum handling additionally powder-coated with lockable stainless steel cover and separate areas for
steam generation and electrics.
With VDE and GS certification; CE- and EAC-compliant. Developed and produced in Germany.
For direct connection to all standard tap water mains. No water treatment necessary.

Hygromatik Flexline Elektrot


Powerful control electronics for fastest possible steam delivery with optimal energy utilisation and low maintenance
operating mode. Comprehensive operational reliability through continuous self-monitoring of all device functions.
The control processes all common signals and is modularly extendible.