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Push Button Plates

Push Button Plates

Measures 1-fold plate W 76 mm x H 109 mm
Measures 2-fold plate W 76 mm x H 142 mm
Measures 3-fold plate W 76 mm x H 175 mm
Measures 4-fold plate W 76 mm x H 208 mm
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Push Button Plates

Push button plates with Piezo push buttons with or without illumination

Plates with 1-4 Piezo buttons and deepening for name plates or engraving/lasering from Alu-Dibond, stainless steel polished or brushed, Corian. With plug connection or open wires.

The photo at right shows an example of push button plates Alu-Dibond, more photos see below.


Switching function N.O.
Electrical rating 1 W
Switching voltage 24 VAC/DC
Switching current max. 100 mA
Supply voltage with illumination 12/24 VDC



  • Basic plate (Alu-Dibond, stainless steel polished or brushed, Corian)
  • Piezo push-button(s)
  • 7 m wire / 4 screws M4x30
  • Connector for the connection to WDT systems
  • Excl. bonnet for flush-mounting