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Nebulisation of brine solution to create a salty sea climate for steam rooms. The SOLDOS is spraying fine nebulized, sterile brine solution into steam rooms. After a short time you get a salty sea climate in the room. The dosing capacity is sufficient for rooms with a floor space of app. 25 m². The brine solution is primed out of an air sealed bag (Politainer). This bag interfolds when the liquid brine solution is taken out. This procedure prevents the contamination of solution with germs of the ambient air. Then it is pressed through a very fine nozzle by a high-pressure solenoid diaphragm pump and nebulized. Furthermore a disinfection system is integrated. Operation via 3,2” full colour Touch display with a multitude of possibilities:

  • Operation modes: cyclic-, clock timer- and external control
  • Week-program for the definition of the individual operation times per day
  • Combination of the salt spray with light and sound effects
  • Pressure monitoring for filling level brine and nozzle
  • Day counter for the indication of a possible necessary disinfection and visual description of this procedure
  • Definition of several authorization levels. Each level allows different settings